Ash's theory on dowsing.

2972 days ago

To me, dowsing could be a variety of things. Brian has proposed his theory in that electromagnetic pulses from our bodies are influencing the metal rods, but what about non-metal dowsing rods? For years, dowsing rods were made of tree branches and twigs, particularly those from peach and willow trees. If these materials produce the same effect that conductive metal rods do, then what is the common link?

Let’s take a look at the technique of most people using dowsing rods. You loosely hold your hands around the handles of the rods, making sure that they are non-restricted so that they may move freely. Since you are not holding the rods tightly, small movements of your hands cause exaggerated movement from the rods. With this in mind, apply the ideomotor effect. From Wikipedia, the ideomotor effect is defined as “a psychological phenomenon wherein a subject makes motions unconsciously. As in reflexive responses to pain, the body sometimes reacts reflexively to ideas alone without the person consciously deciding to take action. For instance, tears are produced by the body unconsciously in reaction to the emotion of sadness.”

Skeptics have explained dowsing, automatic writing, Ouija, and many other paranormal phenomena as being cause by the ideomotor effect. My belief is that in many, I may go so far as to say that most dowsing and Ouija results are caused by this. For example, when using a Ouija board, you are concentrating very hard on making the planchette move. After a letter or two, you already have an idea in your head of what the word may be, so your subconscious takes over and finishes spelling the word or name without your conscious minds notice. Strange? Yes. Paranormal? No, I’m afraid not.

With this is mind, I will never say for sure that this is the cause of all reported activity from divining tools such as Ouija, dowsing rods, and pendulums. But, I believe in most cases, it is. Remember to decide everything for yourself. Test these things. If you try a Ouija board, blindfold whoever is touching the planchette and have someone else write down all of the letters without announcing them. If you still get words, then your results will be much more compelling.

-Ash Blackwell





Brian's theory on dowsing.

2972 days ago

Dowsing rods have been used for hundreds of years and have reportedly been the cause of many finds from underground water sources to rich oil strikes. People have used them to locate ore deposits such as gold and silver and have used them as metal detectors at the beach to find stray coins and jewelry. In the paranormal community they are used to locate spirit activity and even the bodies of the dead. But what is it that makes these ordinary brass and metal rods respond to such a wide variety of uses? My theory starts with the human brain. The brain is a remarkable tool. Is it the largest storage computer device known to man, it has consciousness, and is the operator of the most complex machine on the planet, the human body. It controls this machine by electrical impulse. The brain sends a jolt of energy down the nervous system via a neural road network to the area it wishes to respond. The finger twitches, the toes tap or the legs walk. The electricity then travels back down the nervous system to return to the brain to let it know that the message was received and carried out. But does all that energy stay within the body? Brass is a high conducive metal and is the most widely used material in the construction of dowsing rods. When we are using these rods we hold them loosely in our hands allowing them to move freely in response,so we assume, to the object we are seeking in the ground. I can understand to a point the rods responding to the presence of metal ore,jewelry,coins and the like as these are metal objects and will contain a small charge picked up from the earth itself. Water also is a good conductor of electrical current which may be why the rods seem to be able to locate this element within the ground. But what of elements such as oil, spirit or the body of the deceased? Why should the rods pick up on them? In my opinion they can’t. It is my opinion that it is we, the user of the rods that manipulate them. Not as a conscious act of will, although scam artists are known to do this, but as an involuntary act of nature. We hold the rods loosely in our hands and concentrate on them,our brain sends signals down the neural road way to our hands to not move the rods, but in the back of our minds is also the thought that we want to find what we are looking for. This unconscious thought travels down to our hands and…goes where? Into the highly conducive brass of the rods. In our tests at Brunckow’s Cabin and the Tombstone Cemetery we found that indeed the rods crossed at certain points. At Brunckow’s at an area that we assumed was a hot spot because another member said it was and at the cemetery over the graves of people buried there. However we took it a step further. When we concentrated on a spot at the cabin we knew had no reason to have the rods crossed we were able to cross them just by THINKING there was something there and then making them uncross by thinking there was nothing. At the cemetery the rods crossed over the grave UNTIL we thought about nothing being under the ground then they remained straight. Again as soon as we thought about there being a person buried there the rods would again cross. I believe that the reason some people find water or gold and the like when using the rods may have more to do with a latent psychic ability rather than a “rod” ability. The person looking for water for their homestead uses the rods while hoping and praying they find it and all this electrical energy pours out of the brain and into the hands, then the rods and a then “bang” they cross and there is the water. It is my opinion that the emotional state of the user is more important than any other consideration. Hope and desire are too potent human emotions. So the next time you use dowsing rods please keep these consideration in the back of your mind, but as always keep that mind open, after all, this is just my opinion. Brian Clune

The theory put forth is not necessarily that of the other members of PLPI.





A Vampirish Goth Night in Sacramento

3078 days ago

By Paul Dale Roberts, HPI General Manager aka The Demon Warrior

Date: August 14, 2009, Friday: Sometimes I think I am the vampire. I don’t sleep at night, because I am on the hunt for a story, or I am writing a story that keeps me up throughout the whole night. This Friday, I am up early because I have two ladies I need to interview. Both ladies had some interesting paranormal experiences and I want to know more about them. Let’s go with our first interview. Ahhhh�hold on. You probably want to see the pictures from Goth night first. Okay, let�s check those out first, here goes:

Okay, now let�s move on with the first interviewee.

Interviewee: Vicci Williams. Vicci has an unusual story to tell. Her mother was a natural witch and so was her grandmother. In fact her family tree shows that she is from a long line of witches. Vicci has been experiencing the paranormal since the age of 9. When she lived in Salem, Oregon, she remembers seeing her rooster piggy bank floating in the air. For a little 9 year girl this was a terrifying experience. While living in this home, she remembers hearing a baby crying, footsteps that sounded like women’s high heels walking up to the door. The footsteps were heard often and one day her father opened the door as the footsteps reached the door and when he opened the door, there was nothing there. They moved from Salem, Oregon to Pasadena. The paranormal activity followed them to Pasadena. One night in their Pasadena home, Vicci’s parents found Vicci and her sister hanging outside of their bedroom window by their heels. They learned that in the Pasadena home, a woman had murdered her children in this home. She has no idea why the home in Salem was haunted, but living in 2 different homes, one in Salem and one in Pasadena and they were both haunted was unimaginable, but yet it happened. The Pasadena house was quite unusual, because Vicci would always find polished rocks in the yard and she wonders to this day, if it had anything to do with the paranormal activity. I will be exploring more of Vicci’s story in a future article.

Interviewee: Adrina Wilkerson. Adrina is only 23 years old, but she has witnessed the paranormal. When Adrina lived on 51st Street in Sacramento, she would hear footsteps in the attic, knockings on walls and the front door would open on its own. Her first paranormal experience was when she was 14 years old. On one Christmas Eve her father and her godfather witnessed a full body apparition in their living room. The odd thing about this full body apparition is that it wore a white sheet. The apparition vanished in front of her father and godfather’s eyes. Her little brother never liked living in this house. Adrina would always feel like there was something watching her. When she moved to San Francisco on her own, she heard an unseen entity walk past her. The entity was giggling and hissing. She has felt the fear of these unseen forces and to this very day, she will only sleep with the lights on. I will periodically check up on Adrina and see if the activities have stopped or if they continued.

The interviews are finished and now it’s Goth Night! I head over to Shannon ‘Ms. Macabre’ McCabe’s home and ride over to Old Sacramento – Vegas Nightclub with Carol Gillis driving and fellow passenger Yolanda Fowler. We listen to Super Massive Black Hole by News on the way to Old Sacramento. Yolanda is part of the Goth culture and Carol Gillis is a self-proclaimed vampiress. HPI Paranormal Investigators present were: Shannon ‘Ms. Macabre’ McCabe, Paul Dale Roberts, Timothy Hawkins, Carol Gillis, Yolanda Fowler. HPI Paranormal Assistants present were: Janine, Merilee. Shannon and I will be promoting our HPI Vampire Halloween Ball. In fact you can learn more about this Ball at:

I wanted to learn if there was a connection to the Goth culture and the vampire culture. The true answer to this is ‘yes’, but do our ‘Goths’ in this club know the connection. Well, let’s find out, I started conducting my interviews.

Kunt Tabula:
Kunt is a very beautiful pig-tailed blonde. She tells me that the Goth culture did originate from the vampire culture. She says it started with Vlad Tepes and everyone accepts immortality. To accept immortality is also the ability to accept death. Kunt got into the Goth culture because she would see gangster wannabes who were into hip hop dying early deaths, because of their criminal activities. Kunt would see death all around her and started wearing black as a sense of mourning. She also says that wearing black helps her absorb energy. Her favorite Goth song is Happiness in Slavery by Nine Inch Nails. Kunt has some exceptional tattoos. She has an Ankh on her chest area and the words ‘Is God’ with an arrow pointing at a certain location of her body. She says the Ankh is her way of saying she can do what she wants to do eternally.

Julie Hubbard:
She does not believe the Goth culture is connected with vampirism. Julie wears black to embrace darkness and death. Julie’s favorite Goth group is Sisters of Mercy.

Courtney Chadwich:
Courtney says that the Goth culture is connected with vampirism. Courtney says that she wears black to mourn for the human race and it’s easier to wash black clothes. Courtney is into Bela Lugosi is Dead.

The pulsating Goth music had the Goths out on the floor swaying to the music. The fog machine engulfed the air with mist. I had to step outside for a while to gather my bearings and admire the huge black Hearst that was parked outside. I later learn that a Goth named John Marsh owns this gorgeous vehicle. I hope one day, I will be able to get a ride in this fine black machine.

Well, the Goth culture does not seem as prevalent as San Francisco or New York, but if clubs like Vegas continue to promote Goth music and the Goth culture, maybe we will start seeing more people wearing black. It’s definitely an interesting culture. Now to other news. Below are HPI News and Events:

Old West Ghost Investigations:
Paul Dale Roberts aka The Demon Warrior received a call from two of his fans – Melissa Bryan and Dan Bryan of Old West Ghost Investigations – PO Box 712, Arroyo Seco, NM 87514 (575) 779-3180 Cell – — They are here in California to do some investigations and so far they have investigated Melissa’s parent’s haunted home. They heard footsteps and voices; they obtained EVPs of train whistles. They also investigated the Winchester Mystery House and the Queen Mary. In their photos at the Queen Mary, they obtained 2 full body apparitions and photos of blue, orange and white orbs. They also took a picture of what they think is a shadow person at the Queen Mary. They conducted an investigation of my home and obtained all sorts of orbs in their photos. Disclaimer: Orbs are not an indication of paranormal activity, unless you can prove intelligent movement. I gave them a list of places to see in Sacramento. To see pictures of Melissa and Bryan, go here:

Professor Armagan Emre Cakir Talks about The Invisible Porcupine Man of Sedona:
Dear Mr. Roberts,

I am a university professor from Turkey. My name is Armagan Emre Cakir. My field of study is politics and international relations, but in my spare time
I read on paranormal. I read your column entitled “The Invisible Porcupine
Man of Sedona” with great interest. This reminded me of the story of a
person called Abu Dujana. He was one of the friends or acquaintances of the
Prophet Mohammad from the Seventh Century. He had an experience similar to
that of the gentleman in Sedona. It was with the help of the Prophet that he
got rid of this problem.

In the following link, if you search for the name “Abu Dujana” you will
find his story:

In my humble opinion, most or maybe all the phenomena that involves
disembodied entities (ghosts, spirits…) are in fact caused by jinns. There
is a holistic approach in this line, developed by a contemporary writer
called Ahmed Hulusi. His free online book can be accessed on the following
website (the book is called “Spirit, Man, Jinn”, and the link to it is at
the bottom of the page):

I reckon that since these entities have been created from a kind of energy,
sometimes touching them gives the feeling of touching electric sparks, which
may be mistaken with the quills of a porcupine. This reminds me of plasma
lamps ( and may explain the
phenomenon of fire balls, orbs and vortices.

I thank you once again for that interesting column. I have also found the
treasure of your other articles on and am
about to devour them. If for any reason, if want to refer to me in a writing
I would prefer you to use my first name Armagan only.

Regards, and best wishes from Turkey,

Armagan Emre Cakir

Paul Dale Roberts, HPI General Manager, Paranormal Investigator & Ghostwriter
Shannon McCabe’s HPI
Haunted and Paranormal Investigations International
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all rights reserved.





Haunted Dyer Lane and Mark Greer's Haunted Apartment

3089 days ago

By Paul Dale Roberts, HPI General Manager/Ghostwriter

Before, I get into my story, I want you to check out Bryan Coleman’s
video of the Most Haunted House in Stockton. One of our best scouting
missions! See links below:
Note: There is some interaction between Shannon and I, this was for
entertainment and drama purposes only! We must be pretty good actors,
because the scene was taken seriously by most of our scouts!

And here is a link to David Mace’s preparation of the scouting mission
to Dyer Lane:

To see pictures of the Dyer Lane/Mark Greer Apartment Investigation,
click here:

Now to the story!

Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will
fear no evil………. The valley of death on this night of Friday,
February 20, 2009, is Dyer Lane. A place of murders, a place of a
possible lynching conducted by the KKK in the 1930s, a place of horrific
car crashes. One legend of Dyer Lane is that in 1972, a GTO and a Duster
were racing down this road. Both drivers of both vehicles were drinking
heavily. As the GTO reached the road where it veers off to the left, it
smashed into a tree. The driver was thrown out of the front windshield
and his head smashed into the tree violently, killing him instantly.
People who drive down this road claim to see apparitions walking
alongside this roadway. One witness named Bonnie Fee claims that she saw
a young man walking down the road with a crushed skull and blood
dripping down his face. Could this be the GTO driver? Another legend is
that a ghostly police car zooms down this road and vanishes into an open field. There is even a story of a ghostly tractor and
when people wave at the tractor driver, the tractor and the driver
vanish into thin air.

Tonight, I am gathering my paranormal investigative scouts, they are:
Angelita Bushey-Reyes, Ryan Lewis, Billy Gist, John Shue, Jeanie W.,
Evan Fasbinder, Brandy Almond, Iesha Bayona, Angel Lara, Joel Kadell,
Mark Greer, Amanda Gomez – Freelance Writer, Wes Ramey, Aaron Rodriguez,
Steph Engel, Leonard Richards, Annie Rolls, Janice Lewis.

Also my paranormal investigative team is: Shannon ‘Ms. Macabre’ McCabe – President of HPI; David Mace; Nancy Towne, Justin Kohn, Carol Gillis,
Chantal Apodaco. On this night, Carol Gillis is displaying her vampire
teeth…yes…she is a vampiress. Carol Gillis is a vampire and
paranormal investigator and when I asked her why she had her teeth
in..she says nonchantly…“because I am hungry tonight”. Hmmm..good
reason, I just hope she will not feast on my mortal blood this evening.

We broke the group up into three teams. Lead Investigators for Dyer
Lane were: Shannon McCabe, Paul Dale Roberts and David Mace. My team
went off the beaten path and followed a trail into the tall grass and
trees. We received one possible EVP, in which I ask is there anyone here
and the answer was ‘yes’. John Shue on Shannon’s team picked a maniacal
laughter, that sounded like a man. John picked up the EVP on his
camcorder. After our investigation, I had a meeting with everyone and
went over our evidence. Many photographs produced strange anomalies,
such as a series of orange stick lights in the field, orbs galore,
designer orbs with intricate designs within the inside of the orbs,
strange red and orange light anomalies in the tree lines. John Shue
calls his EVP, the evil man laughing. He obtained this EVP when Chantal
asked: “are you the cop that died on this stretch of road?” Other
photographs showed faces of the scouts and their faces were blurry. Since I have been ghosthunting, it seems that everytime people take
pictures of me, I have orbs attached to my body. I saw many photos of
myself with orbs sticking on me. Damn orbs…no wonder I have been
itching! Another unusual incident that happened is that Mark, Jeanie and
I, were trying to take pictures and our cameras were acting up. We all
had fresh batteries. When we left the location, Mark and my camera were
back to normal again. It is said that entities can drain the energy from
batteries, perhaps this is what happened tonight.

Now back to those damn orbs! Here is a quick disclaimer. If we cannot
detect intelligent movement of orbs, we cannot confirm orbs are of a
supernatural nature. They could be dust orbs, lint orbs, skin flake
orbs, moisture orbs, light refraction orbs. Just to let you know and
keep you straight on the orb phenomenon. Of course, in rare cases, orbs
could be a spiritual containment field. On this night of our
investigation, two police units pulled up with their lights blinding us.
I immediately walked up to the officers and introduced myself. I told
them we are ghosthunters. They were very friendly and cool with the
situation. The lady cop told me she knew of the legends of Dyer Lane. I
gathered the group and told everyone to head out to our second
investigation area. This would be Mark Greer’s haunted apartment on 5th
and P Street. As I headed out of Dyer Lane, I had to drop off 3 of the
scouts that are family members to Chantal. After we dropped them off, Chantal and I, had to get some coffee and an energy drink to
reenergize! The Ghosttracker (my Dodge Stratus) was now headed to
downtown Sacramento.

We arrived at Mark’s place and Mark was entertaining everyone by
playing the movie ‘Wanted’ starring Angeline Jolie. Mark shut the movie
off when I arrived, because it was time to get down to business. That’s
how I roll. I would break up the group into two teams. One team would do
the outside perimeters and the other team would do the inside perimeters
of the apartment. David Mace and I, would lead the teams.

Equipment Used for Both Investigations: EMF Readers, digital audio
recorders, digital cameras, digital video cameras, flashlights, dowsing

I gave a briefing of the activity in Mark’s home and Mark explained it
in more detail, because he lives it day in and day out. Mark lives in
apartment 19, but in apartment 17, there was a fire and the fire
consumed the male occupant killing him horribly. David Mace did some
great research on Dyer Lane and this apartment complex and discovered
the fire incident. Also, near Mark’s apartment complex are two other
apartment complexes that house senior citizens. Occupants from these two
apartment complexes have deaths constantly. Deceased senior citizens are
hauled away by the coroner’s office many times over. Mark at times may
be out front preparing a barbecue and see the coroner wagon pick up
another body. Mark shrugs his shoulders and says…“there goes another
one”. So with so many deaths happening constantly around his apartment
complex, no wonder some of these units are haunted. On this night, we
get a lot of orb pictures in and around Mark’s apartment. When I use my dowsing rods, I get the name Cathy. When pictures are
taken, I have an orb sitting on my lap and another photograph shows an
orb hanging off my trenchcoat. When I say, so your name is Cathy? Iesha
gets an EVP where you can hear me saying ‘Cathy’ and the entity corrects
me and says her name is Dorothy. I asked if the entity died in 1943 and
you can hear Iesha’s EVP of a woman saying 1944. David Mace sees a
person walking through the parking lot structure and when he checks his
video, that person is not recorded on his video. John Shue and Janice
(two sensitives) feel a vortex in Mark’s kitchen. As they stand in the
center of the vortex, they feel a sense of vertigo, unbalance. One
location outside, there are 4 orbs in a row. Another EVP, sounds like
heavy breathing.

Photographs with strange anomalies in both locations – Inconclusive
until the photographs can be analyzed further. EVPs, still need to be
analyzed by Audacity.
While I used dowsing rods in Mark’s apartment, we asked the entity to
light up the EMF Reader. The dowsing rods crossed, indicating yes and
the EMF reader lit up.
When the EMF reader lit up, a photograph was taken instantly and an orb
was hovering over my lap.

With the EVPs and all of the strange activity that happened at both
locations, something strange is definitely going on, may it be abnormal,
may it be paranormal. A further investigation of both locations are
warranted. I have a hunch both locations are harboring an unknown force,
that could be supernatural.

Paul Dale Roberts, HPI General Manager, Paranormal Investigator &
Shannon McCabe’s HPI
Haunted and Paranormal Investigations International
(Paul and Shannon on TV Show Conversations with a Serial Killer – see
link above)
Staff Writer – Alien Seeker News –
WPRT Paranormal Radio – Content Editor
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Copyright © 2009 Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Ghostwriter Copyright © 2009
all rights reserved.





The Haunting in Herald

3089 days ago

By Paul Dale Roberts, HPI General Manager/Ghostwriter

Before I get started, check out the pictures of this Herald investigation here:
While you are looking at the pictures, you may be wondering why my scouts are holding up notepads that promote the upcoming movie: The Haunting in Connecticut. Read below and find out!

It’s March 14, 2009, Saturday. Tonight I have a big paranormal scouting mission to a private residence in Herald. But, before I get into the investigation, I must tell you, that I was contacted by Melissa Gardner, a representative of Terry Hines & Associates / Lionsgate. Melissa sent over 48 notepads that represent the movie that will be coming out March 27th, called The Haunting in Connecticut. This movie is based on true events. The notepads will be used by my paranormal investigative scouts to gather data from the investigation. On the cover of the notepad is the promo picture from the movie. Melissa is also sending Shannon ‘Ms. Macabre’ McCabe – President of HPI – 30 movie tickets that will be given away to our army of scouts. If you have any interest in the paranormal. you must see The Haunting in Connecticut, one of the best documented paranormal cases in history and may just rival the Bell Witch case. See the trailer here:

For information about Lionsgate, see their website here:

On this night, I will be giving away the notepads, by asking a series of paranormal questions. When a scout gives me the correct answer, they get a notepad. A sample of the questions are: Question: What was the name of the police officer that witnessed a landing of a UFO in Socorro, New Mexico? Answer: Lonnie Zamora. Question: If an entity looks like you, what kind of entity are you dealing with? Answer: A doppelganger. Question: Kenneth Arnold saw a group of UFOs on what mountain range? Answer: Mount Rainer. Question: What is another name for the Abominable Snowman? Answer: Yeti. What is the Oz Factor? “ Well, you get the picture. Also, I have 4 dinner tickets to give away as prizes for Ruth’s Chris Steak House at 501 Pavilions Lane in Sacramento! So, tonight should be an exciting night! Note: The occupant’s family got the dinner tickets. Christina George and Rita Reyes were my assistants in handing out the notepads. They did a great job! Clap! Clap!

History of the Herald Home:
Occupant Teresa is touched inappropriately by the entity. Teenage boy is seen at the foot of the bed. Objects are moved around in the house and placed in other areas of the house. Black mass entity is seen. Shadows seen darting in and out of the hallway. Sonic boom noises are heard in the garage. Indian settlements long ago used to occupy this land. Teresa’s deceased grandmother is also felt in this home and may be protecting the family.

That night is here. I started preparing for this scouting mission by washing my vehicle The Ghost Tracker. Then I went up to Natomas to pick up one of my investigators Christina George and met up with fellow investigators Rita & Mark Reyes at my home. I think I am going to get very detailed in my article and give you the readers a blow-by-blow, no matter how trivial. Why? Because that’s how I roll. Who knows, maybe I will one day have to testify in court on how a paranormal case went down. Everyone headed out with Mark & Rita following me and Christina in my car, with a stopover at Starbucks. Mark knew I needed to get a jump start and had a caramel macchiato waiting for me. Back on the road again, heading down 99 South towards Herald. Face aka Telly Blackwood calls and he is on Ca 104. Mark and I stop our vehicles and wait for Face to catch up.

Then our 3 cars convoy to the location. We arrive and one car after another shows up. The occupant Teresa Rosales and her sister Mary Guerrero Sanchez and friend Paige Westlund are waiting for us. The location is a tricky location, I have to assist a few scouts in finding the location.

Roll call for paranormal investigative scouts and paranormal investigators: Hilary Taylor, Rita Reyes, Mark Reyes, Connie Brenner, Lynn Combs, Jeff Jones, Jessica Taylor, Christina George, Donna Reynolds (Core Member), Janet Watson, Sonja Caron, Face – Telly Blackwood (Videographer), Madeline Weddle, Alyssa Cover, Amber Wasson, Arlanna Scott, Andrew Godley, Enrique Serrano, Tia Saletta, Walter Recinos (my neighbor across the street), David Hirschman, Barbara Rubis-Johnson, Nereida Yanez, Renee Guzman, Iesha Bayona, Taj Plazola, Jen S, Shan C aka Shaggy, Rose Kaye, Paul Kaye, John Shue, Chantal Apodaco, Donna Jackson, Eileen Ver Hulet.

Representatives of Western Region Paranormal Research from Ceres were at this scouting mission. Andrew Godley brought his S.H.I. (Sacramento Haunting Investigations) crew. There were scouts as far away as Santa Maria (near Santa Barbara), Modesto and San Jose.

Tonight I appoint Lead Investigators for this scouting mission, they are identified as: David Hirschman, Andrew Godley, Enrique Serrano.

There are three main areas to investigate. Area 1: Large backyard. Area 2: Large front yard. Area 3: Interior of home.

Four investigative sessions are conducted. Team Alpha takes the backyard, Team Bravo the inside of the home and Team Charlie in the front yard. During the first three sessions, the teams will switch areas to investigate. Each team will have the opportunity to investigate all 3 areas. Investigative sessions are for 45 minutes each. After each investigative session is a briefing to analyze the evidence that we gather with occupants present. Evidence presented are EVPs, photographs and experiences of investigators. The 4th investigative session is a free-for-all, where investigators can explore on their own, any area of the home and the outside perimeters. After all investigations are done, then we will conduct three séances in three different sections of the home. Séance #1 in the living room. Séance #2 in the bedroom and Séance #3 in the garage. After the séances are completed, we will have the final debriefing of all evidence and opinions from all investigators.

Equipment being used: digital video cameras, digital cameras, temperature gauges, walkie talkies, flashlights, K2 Readers, EMF Readers, (Face wears his night vision goggles), dowsing rods, digital audio recorders, Toshiba laptop, pendulums.

Note: Face aka Telly Blackwood of Off-the-Hook TV is filming this event exclusively for Lionsgate. Face was once involved with Viva La Bamm, Jackass and MTV.

EVPs gathered this night (will be analyzed further):
EVP voice of man: Leave us Edagar.
EVP voice of man: You can have the children.
EVP voice of man: Please go back.

Strange Findings at this Home:
Barbara R. and John Shue are next to me. I ask on my recorder, is there anyone here. I play back the recorder and it’s a man’s angry voice and it says: “I’m here!” A few minutes later Christina George adventures into the area where I retrieved the EVP and collapses. Her flashlight hits the ground and she hits the ground with a thud. Her eyes are rolled back and she is unconscious. She revives after about 6 or 7 minutes and she is disoriented. Could it be that the entity that I contacted on my digital audio recorder is the one that may have caused Christina to pass out? When Christina walked into the location, she was saying…”I don’t think anything is here” to two other investigators and passed out. This was truly an odd situation. I have never experienced something like this before.

During the séances, the K2 meters were lighting up to the red light on certain occasions, mostly when the occupant Teresa Rosales berated the entity for touching her inappropriately.

During an investigative session, an indentation appears on the pillow, as if someone’s head was on the pillow.

One investigator feels electricity pass through her body.

Some investigators see darting moving shadows inside the house.

During a séance a cold spot actually moves around the circle. The cold spot is very distinct. I felt the cold spot on top of my head and a couple of times across my arms. This is the first time I ever felt a distinct cold spot like that and we were able to follow the cold spot’s movement.

One investigator claims to see a moving orb with his vision.

Investigator feels someone lying next to her in bed, while she is conducting an investigation. There is an indentation on the sheets.

Hot burning sensation is felt on my back during séance. I make comment about it and one of the investigators looks at my back and finds two Ms scratched into my backside. They take pictures of the marks and I can’t honestly tell you if it was a distinct M or not. For all I know, I may have scratched myself when the sensation happened. Or just maybe I am in denial, because I don’t care too much when things happen to me. But, what is interesting is that the occupant has a sister and an aunt, I believe with the initials ‘M M’. So was the entity trying to relay a message by carving MM on my back? Who knows?

A zillion orbs are taking inside and outside of this home. Some orbs are designer orbs. When you enhance designer orbs, you may at times get a face in the orb. Orbs are never conclusive, unless you can show intelligent movement of orbs. Faces on designer orbs are always questionable by the skeptics.

Strange shadow photograph over the bed. There is no indication on how the shadow is there and when a second photo is taken, there is no shadow.

McCabe Method of gathering EVPs is done this night. It’s the quick and dirty way of collecting EVPs. Ask the question, pause and then play back.

You read my strange findings. It was a strange night and I really can’t make up my mind what we experienced. I do know is that when we tried to entice the entities to do this and that, they refused. But, yet they communicated with us in other ways. Like I said before, ghosts are not performers.

Scary moment is when Christina George passed out. I truly feel something is abnormal going on in this home. We gathered EVPs, but before I commit myself to saying that the EVPs are truly valid, they will need to be fully scrutinized. So wait for my follow-up reports to this investigation and I will let you know if this home is truly haunted. I have a hunch though……I think it is.

I want to thank the occupant Teresa Rosales for the great barbeque she had for all the scouts. Hotdogs, hamburgers, chips, cheese, cold cuts, salads of every type, a huge apple pie brought in by Rita Reyes. Not to mention the sodas, beer, wine, energy drinks to chase down this great food! What is really cool about Teresa’s home is that she has a big camp fire going on the side of her house and you can eat your bbq meal next to the raging fire.

I ended my investigate at 4:30am. Christina and I, headed home. Christina saw that I was fatigued and had me go straight to my home. Christina hit the living room couch and I hit my bed with my dogs HPI & Pika beside me. I was so tired, I slept in until 12pm. Christina woke up at 9:30am. Christina was so kind to let me sleep in. I got Christina safely home Sunday afternoon. When doing late night investigations like this, do not drive home fatigued. There are many markers alongside highways of drivers that met their demise because they drove off the highway due to fatigue. This is a word of caution. Investigators of the world: Happy hunting!

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