Recipients of "Top Paranormal Event of the Year 2008" from the World News, New York Daily News and LA Examiner for the Queen Mary audio captured by Bob Davis and Brian Clune of Jackie the talking ghost child.

Television Broadcasts

Featured On:

Ghost Adventures Crew Member on

Radio Broadcasts

  • Miami Town Ghost Talk Radio
  • LSC Paranormal Radio
  • Soul Seekers Radio UK
  • Nightwatch Radio with Todd Sheets on Jackalope 105 FM
  • A Link To Heaven With Robbie Thomas
  • Altered States Radio
  • Reap Sow Radio
  • California Haunts Radio
  • Hauntings Radio
  • Para Challenged Radio
  • Lights Out Radio
  • Whispers In The Darkness Radio
  • Shadows In The Dark Radio
  • Moebanshee Radio
  • KBIM Paranormal Talk Radio
  • EVP Radio
  • Paraquest Radio
  • Conversations Through The Veil
  • The Green Room Radio with Donn Shy
  • Paradacity Radio

Published In:

  • Life Magazine's The World's Most Haunted Places Special Issue
  • New York Daily News
  • World News
  • L.A. Examiner
  • Paranormal Examiner


  • Wolfe Manor Live
  • Live SciFi

Documentaries and Film

  • 13 Pictures documentary "The Queen Mary A Floating Phenomenon"
  • "Nightstalkers" A Documentary Film by Wayne Poe
  • Companion Documentary for The Feature Film "Paranormal Asylum" by Advanced Media productions

Publications and Honorable Mentions

  • "Heaven Can You Hear Me" By Peter James and Gian Temperilli
  • Featured in "Queen Mary Ghosts" 4th Ed. By Rob and Anne Wlodarski
  • Featured in "The Haunted Queen of the Seas" by Nicole Strickland
  • "Devils And Demonology In The 21st Century" By Kate Boyd
  • "Haunted Times Magazine"
  • Robbie Thomas' "Paranormal Encounters"
  • TAPS Paramagazine
  • "Time Shift the Paradigm" by Robbie Thomas
  • Featured in "Ghosthunting Southern California" By Sally Richards
  • "Parasylum" by Robbie Thomas
  • "Parasylum II" by Robbie Thomas


  • University of California Irvine
    Anthropology Program Lecture
    "Paranormal Investigation Techniques and Evidence Review"
  • Queen Mary Lecture Series East Los Angeles/Cerritos College
  • StuCon "Lecture Series on False Positives"
  • StuCon II "Critical Thinking in the Paranormal lecture series"
  • StuCon 4 "Critical Thinking in the Paranormal lecture series"
  • Casa del Mexicano Fundraiser "Lecture Series on the Haunted Queen Mary"

Media Consulting for Television and Film

Planet Paranormal team members are available for Lectures on a variety of topics from The Queen Mary, Alcatraz, Tombstone Arizona and lectures on False Positives, EVP, ITC and a wide range of other topics.

Planet Paranormal has done extensive research on the Queen Mary and formed Queen Mary Shadows in order to conduct the first long term research project ever undertaken by any research team and was conducted in conjunction with several other leaders in the field as a collaborative effort. Planet Paranormal and Queen Mary Shadows are active industry leaders in consulting for Television and film and have appeared on the
Biography Channel,

Travel Channel,

The SyFy Channel
and local television stations discussing the Queen Mary and Alcatraz Penitentiary, as well as, being featured in several documentary films.