Recipients of "Top Paranormal Event of the Year 2008" from the World News, New York Daily News and LA Examiner for the Queen Mary audio captured by Bob Davis and Brian Clune of Jackie the talking ghost child.





Mission Statement:

  • Planet Paranormal Investigations (PLPI) was founded as a non profit team of investigators and researchers whose aim is to bring aid to those who are concerned about their experiences regarding the paranormal, as well as fostering a greater understanding of the world around us. Our main goal is to help others with our services; it is our hope that we shall be able to gather credible evidence by using scientific and metaphysical means to further the field. Although we are based in California, our investigations will take us anywhere we are needed.

  • Our members are carefully screened and must adhere to strict codes of conduct to insure the credibility and integrity of the group.

  • PLPI will work to promote cooperation and respect among other research groups locally, nationally and internationally.

  • We understand that this is a field with no experts, but we shall endeavor to be the most competent and credible researchers we can be, and to bring evidence to the field that is beyond reproach.