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Team members shown left to right: Brian Clune, Laurel Blackwell, Caitlyn Nicole, and Bob Davis.

Planet Paranormal Investigations (PLPI) is a not for profit group. We do not charge for our services. Members are based in both Northern & Southern California.

PLPI members have been working in the field for over 50 combined years and bring this experience to the table. We shall try to recreate and find reasons for the paranormal occurrences you've experienced, we will then analyze any evidence we've collected and then meet with you to go over what we have discovered. You are welcome to any copies of the evidence we find.

We shall always treat our clients with respect and friendship. Our goal is to build a relationship between our hosts and our team.

Our group uses a variety of equipment to gather evidence of any paranormal occurrences. Such evidence shall not be shared or published outside PLPI without the express approval of the client. If the case is considered especially sensitive it shall be dealt with by the founding members of PLPI. We shall always adhere to the strictest procedures of confidentiality.image

We understand that it can be difficult when reaching out for help. So if you are noticing anything in your home or business that may be paranormal, and would like us to investigate, please contact us, we will help you to the best of our abilities.


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